Sorry guys.

Hey everyone,

Really sorry, had a really random 8 months and haven’t had the time to visit Tumblr at all. So I’m really sorry that I haven’t had the chance to reply to your messages. I’ll make it a point to make sometime now and reply.

I think I’m going to take sometime and make another theme. I’ll put up a screen shot of what I am making soon.


You have a wonderful theme. You should design more of them.

Thanks! I have plans to. There just isn’t enough time in a day.

how do i put the twitter panel?

Just link your twitter account with your blog and it should show up.

there's no 'click here' animation slider in my blog. how to fix it?

Do you have javascript turned off on your browser? It won’t work without javascript.

I'm sorry to bother you. I really love your theme and I was wondering if there's anyway to remove all caps from questions. I looked everywhere for text-transform tags and turned them all to "none", but that had no effect.

The css is in an external stylesheet, which I don’t think you can change. You’ll have to write some custom css in the custom css section. Since it’s at the end, it will override the defaults.

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